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P-12 is excellent to catch, I am not sure this is easy to get kit!

Condolences Nico.

Wrt. the kits, that Matchbox P-12 seems very interesting indeed! It's one of the first kits released by Matchbox in 1973.
I'm also interested in the Matchbox Heinkel He 70, as much for the box art as for the kit itself.

Hi Nico,
I would be interested in the Frog Proctor, Heller ouragan, C635,and the F-86 Egg Plane. Please let me know how much??
Thank you,

Nico Braas:
Here is another box of unbuilt kits; still one more to go.
If you are interested, pls contact me by E-mail (n.braas@chello.nl).

Waaoooo :) Email on the way ;)


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