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Nico Braas:
This book, 'Junkers und die Weltluftfahrt' by  Hauptmann A.D. Fisher v. Poturzyn published in 1933 is for sale at my 2nd-hand bookshop at the Aviodrome Museum. Book is soft-cover and except for some damage on top of the spine it is in good condition. This 183 page book contains 57 photopages and 2 charts. Language is German.
Anybody interested? Price is EURO 15 plus P&P.

Here you are preview for the visitors, not member of the forum:

Junkers book!  Junkers book!

Nico Braas:
Nobody interested in this quite rare first printing?
It is a real bargain for this price!

All right- how to send money from Serbia to your country?

Oh, hell...

It ain't gonna be easy on my Junkers-Corrugated Syndrome to turn down such a lovely offer... I'd love to have it but I guess it's too difficult to buy it from Argentina. Any suggestions on how to make the money and P&P available to you? Unless No.1 sticks to his bid, in wich case ┬┤ll step down from mine :-salut.




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