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Fokker S-14 book is out!!


Nico Braas:
Fokker S-14 book, written by me and Willem Vredeling, is finally published at Geromy B.V.
See http://www.geromybv.nl/epages/61575298.sf.
Book is hard-cover, luxury-bound, A4 size, has 200 pages and contains some 170 photographs and an additional sixty drawings.
There also is a nice colour section with very rare colour photos and a number of really beautiful colour profiles.
Total number printed is 1000.
Price is EURO 49.90 (+p&p), which seems a little bit on the hight side, but I can assure you that it is fully worth its money!!

Anyway you can direct contact Nico nd by some material direct...

Hope soon we will have it reviewed on our site :)

Nice work Nico  :-flo

Nico Braas:
Book review with sample pages is ready for letletlet-warplanes website!
It is very nice to make a review of your own book!!

Here it is :)


Cheers :))


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