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1909 aviation book offered for sale


Nico Braas:
On behalf of the Aviodrome museum at Lelystad I can offer for sale the book 'Wir Luftschiffer' by dr. Bröckelmann. Book was published in 1909 by Ullstein Verlag, Germany.
Although the title suggests it is only on ballooning, the book also gives a detailed account on airships and 'heavier than air' contraptions of that period. Book is in good condition with only some minor ragging on top of the spine.
Book also contains markings and stamps from the former Aviodome library and one of the folding pages has become detached (but is still available!),
Book measures 230 x 160 x 40 mm and contains 433 pages with 300 illustrations and 10 maps.
Attached a few images to give you an impression.
Price has been set at EURO 75 excluding P & P. Weight is some 1.5 kg, so some 10-15 EURO for must be added to the price for shipment!
Anyone out there interested? If so, contact me (n.braas@chello.nl)

Looks in a great condition!
You should advertise it on the aerodrome forum as well. Balooning is not exactly my kind of interest.

Nico Braas:
Book has been sold meanwhile to a Dutch friend! It is now the oldest book in his collection of some 3000 books!!

My oldest book is from 1910. It is called: Die Anfänge der Luftschiffahrt aus Berichten der Zeitgenossen :)


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