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Dear friends,

I have received today my sample of magazine Military Aicraft Monthly International, October 2010 issue, and it is my great pleasure to see that inside was published materials from three members of our forum and web site. On pages 59 to 61 was photo gallery and article made by Darko Mladenovic (we know him here as Samuraj 77 and on site as Darko) and his material cover MiG-23 stored in the museum in Belgrade. On pages 64 to 67 is Nico Braas (we know him at same name both on forum and site) excellent historic article about the Curtiss XP-42 fighter project. I am present with my regular materials inside magazine.

Congratulation to you friends  :-tri :-flo :-ok :-clap

Congratulations !!! :-flo
Nice news! :-salut


Congratulations our friends! :-jump  :-jump  :-jump

Thanks lads  :-flo

Well done gentlemen!


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