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Ten years of forum

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English Electric Canberra PR.9   :-love  :-love  :-green

Happy birthday LetLetLet, wish the best!

Great forum indeed!

Second Air Force:
Congratulations to No.1 and his guidance of LLL along a ten year span!

I have been honored to be a part of this forum for about six years now, all of it so enjoyable to me. As most of you probably know, my wife and I were quite busy with working on 1/1 scale WWII aircraft at that time and I first met Srecko on the WIX website. I had slowly gotten back into aircraft modeling at the time and was invited to join LetLetLet, an invitation that I am so happy to have received! Our involvement in the warbird movement eventually slowed to a crawl and scale modeling has filled that gap in my life, thanks to all of you who populate LLL.

I'll end this post, again, with thanks to Srecko and everyone else who makes LetLetLet such a great place to contribute!

Congratulations Srecko!! I am also honored to be part of your forum! Thanks! :-clap :) :-ok


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