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Dragan mate,although you have done a wonderful work in your hind,as I have seen in other forums too,I would like to express my great disappointment regarding your title. :-roll
I suppose your intention is good,and you would like to write F.Y.R.O.M which means Former Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia.Can't think anything else.Think that till now our good neighboors don't realise that they are against national treatments and regulations. :-think
Their "airport" (ex skopje) Alexander the great now, is also illegaly named,as with this name exists KAVALA's airport in North Greece,as also Macedonia is called Thessaloniki's airport.And these are not my words,you can look in ICAO statues and national air manuals as MAIPs.
USA also express their dissapointment in Skopia attitude for not finding a compromising solution of their name.
It's like one day Greece manages to name one of their states Belgrade or Nis,and rename one of its airports Nikola Tesla.How would you find that? :-eek
So please without missunderstandings ask you politely to rename your title,and don't use it as it does not exist.
Just remembered that I have seen  posted a Su25 with this name too.
For God's sake!... :-/

Zetman- to regret this details can not be solved on this forum at all. I know that harsh situation is among the two countries in regard to this name but as you know no one of us wanted that and we are not responsible for that. Even the proposed name FYROM include Macedonia in its name so this is just masking the problem (from my point of view). Hope that you and Dragan will find solution in this way and from my side I would do my best to keep on friendly atmosphere on forum.

Dear No1 and whole forum,
I know that this is not the apropriate place to write such,and No1 my intentions as I have mentioned in our pm conversation before,is not to spoil or ruin the friendly atmosphere in forum.
Also I have nothing to seperate with Dragan,I don't even know him personaly.
Neither WE will find a solution for that problem suppose,its someone's else bussiness to do that.

But,what do you mean ...masking the problem?Whatever name FYROM wants(I really don't bother),this one is not authorized by law,unlawful, or more generally by rules and for my point of view,feel furious when it is used.

In conclusion,to make myself clear.
If one part of the forum wants to write something,other parts have to comply,or not dissagree with that?Suppose that we are free to express our thoughts,or complains.

For information and only,in other forums when similar situation appeared,moderators took place,asking the writter what I have done.

All that I ask,is all of us to be a little bit careful when we are typping anything.

This problem have its own page:


Well, if I can give my point of view...

I'm Belgian and, as you know, there is growing problems between Flemishes and Wallonians (I'm Wallonian). So I can understand susceptibility in some situations - But please, not here. It's a hobby forum, not a political one. I will not be bored if someone builds a what-if Flemish aircraft here... Dragan haves for sure no bad intention - I have to add that I presented myself here a Macedonian BTR, and I see no reason to modify the title of that topic. I'm fully neutral; the words are simply used as they are: without no unfriendly nor aggressive intention. Let the political point of view to politicians: they are just good for that: politic. To speak about all, to criticize all, but to be fully ineffective - Point of view based on a careful study of Belgian politicians...


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