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Political names

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I agree with Daniel. ;)
Only one conclusion. As we all know, 99 ', the SRJ was at war with NATO. There are many members who live in the member states of NATO, but I never mentioned to them  anything about bombing of my country. The charges do not even want to talk about. This is a wonderful forum, primarily models-plane, so I think politics has no place here. If the UN failed to resolve this problem, I doubt that we will succeed.
The best would be that the moderator remove the posts(including mine!) where this issue is not the place, and to continue in the direction of modeling. Such a shame that spoil the good work of our colleagues Dragan. :-flo
I hope that is ok idea to remove all offtopic! :-think

I had no intention to spoil the wonderful site.Just asked for the common right thing to be done.
Also my intention is NOT TO SOLVE ΤΗΕ PROBLEM,but instead to avoid such provocative naming, as the constitutional name is FYROM or REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA,but NOT MACEDONIA.
Is there anywhere else in the world any nation apart Belgium, which is called Begium?
And when you refer to Macedonia...which one do you mean? Skopje?
Then we should better alter the name of Greek Macedonia and Thessaloniki's or Kavala's airport names,because they want the name of "Alexander the great".Or even release the territory.
Or alter history better?
In conclusion,as I told moderator I will have to leave the forum and not bother you again with my objections.
Knowing that this wont heart your feelings,it will be a personal relief.

If I have red your thread about the BTR before this one,I would have told you the same things.
You would be neutral if you name it FYROM's BTR.
And as you are a Belgian,I am a Macedonian.And do not bear it.I am not a political matter.
Sometimes words are not simply used as they are,and other meanings are hidding beneath.
I see many reasons to modify the title of that topic.
If someone does not react,begins to legalizing it,and turn it to political correct.But it is NOT.

I think that you not understand me. Is this the place where will be able to resolve the problem? I doubt that our colleague Dragan had a bad intention.
I do not understand what you want to achieve on the modeling forum? :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall :-wall

This is my last answer to you in this topic! I hope you will not leave forum,you have great models,but i don't want to be your prisoner,and  do not want this to turn into a political forum, because you obviously you have an bad intention, as soon as you do not want to stop typing about politics, although this is only modeling forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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