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--- Quote from: Skyraider3D on July 29, 2011, 12:17:52 AM ---On most hobby forums, discussing politics is a cardinal sin and subject to banning.

--- End quote ---

Would you be kind enough to explain what "cardinal sin" means mate?
As a matter of speaking Skyraider,what's your point of view?
I,for ex. suggest start banning those who have different opinion about a matter which does not really affect or bother others.Is a solution.

In my humble opinion,I just see people who can't bare the term Freedom of speech.
Basic principles of freedom like speaking freely without hessitation,really upset some.
I believe that everyone is free to express his opposition,without insulting or offending behavior.
If we can't handle that,we should better go back to our cages.

If someon told me that instead the"white" I see in front of me is "Black",but my eyes see clearly that is "white",then I will definitely defend my point of view that the "white" is not "black",till my eyes went blind.
Banning or not.
Have a nice day and will keep up posting models.

Gentlemen,  :-wise lets put this to bed. Time to refocus on what this site is all about, the art of modelling, profiling and the world of aircraft (ok and the odd tank or two). So please, lets not start from square one again  ;). Everyone has the right to voice their own opinions and all members should respect them, they may not like them, but they should respect them.

If it would do any good I would say shake hands and please lets all get back to why we were asked to be members of this excellent site.  :-flo

Well up early this morning, off to see my mother and then by youngest daughter who will be having her first baby  :-flo and our first grandchild in 2 weeks, so life is looking good this weekend.  :)


--- Quote ---youngest daughter who will be having her first baby
--- End quote ---

 :-clap :-clap :-clap :-love :-love :-love


--- Quote from: No.1 on July 30, 2011, 03:58:42 PM ---
--- Quote ---youngest daughter who will be having her first baby
--- End quote ---

 :-clap :-clap :-clap :-love :-love :-love

--- End quote ---
Glad for you mfg495,with all my/our wishes for the best. :-tri
I have two little monsters. :-help
Just hopping for the time,won't rush till I become ...a grandfather. :-green

Nice to hear that, mfg495 :-jump - I also, like zetman, hope to live long enough to become a grandfather  :-/


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