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Political names

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Sorry for the delay,I was playing with my little boys.
I was very pleased to hear such words and see a mature attitude from you Dragan,and be sure I wont even mention anything else about politics,posts will be only about modelling.I draw a line and would like to apologize if I "upset" some of the members.
with respect,


--- Quote from: Sall on July 28, 2011, 06:41:51 PM ---Your cheeky behavior is "cutting my eye". Because I know how much effort and work invested to make this forum has become what it is, and you are trying to move it from his course with unnecessary drivel.
Why are you still a member of a forum that does not suit you? The problem is the fact that you have only a few posts concerning models, but politically posts are 25% of your total posts. Did you missed  forum my friend?

--- End quote ---
Do I, really?No comment,won't discuss it any further mate.I think it's solved.
Dragan seems to react with more maturity than your last post.The site is wonderful and suits me.You will see my post comming.
They are plenty.

Finally!! :-flo
And now... Lets go on models!!! :-jump :-jump :-salut

Yes, we have seen a very useful exchange, but back to what we know and love :)

On most hobby forums, discussing politics is a cardinal sin and subject to banning.


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