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Political names

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Oh my god....

Political, nacionalist and Racial problems have your ways to discuss, and I'm right that is not here that this problems will be solved...

please leave our forum in peace



Hope that members will find solution. From the very start we did not have any political problems but as well we are adult, we can solve this and hope to stay clean place as we was.

It's all naming conventions. And do you know what happens with naming conventions? They're here to give a sense of lgic to something that's not. For fart's sake, noboy really knows where they're coming from. And names come and go, in the end. To have such an argument in a modeling forum is just like to declare that europeans are not so advanced into understanding each other, nor being willing to. Which is a real shame.

Well, I guess I'll return to the forum when people come down from their ivory tower and agree to have a modeling forum again and not a political mardi gras of non sense.

From my seat here in far away Brazil, I'd  like to add my 2 cents to the discussion...

This is a modeling forum, composed of people from many countries, with different cultural, historical and political backgrounds. What gets everybody together here is the passion they share for aircraft and modeling, in spite of all the differences. Although we build models of real subjects, I think that we must check reality at the door, together with things that can disturb this place: politics, law and so own. As long as what we do here doesn't harm anyone, I think we can be a little more tolerant.

So the UN and NATO adopted the provisional name of  former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)? IMHO, I don't see "provisional" as final, official, legal or the gospel. And does anyone here really care, from a modeling viewpoint, which name is used? Will it make the model better or worse? My vote: leave political, religious and other bothering real world ideas at he door, they have no place here... ;)

Now gimme a beer... Everyone can have a cold one, too, I'm buying... ;)

Sergio :)

Personnaly I will stop to comment this post, and even to read it. Closed. Down. I hate politic and politicians, and our forum is a forum for modellers. I will even make no comment to the answer Zetman made to me.
For me he is welcome here... For models.

Ite missa est...
Will drink a beer with you, Sergio ;)


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