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Photo Linking and Thumbnails?


Paul Bradley:
How do I get my photos to upload as thumbnails? I have a Photobucket account.

You need no that as well you can upload images direct when posting here. Only limit is 200 KB per file and 24 files per post. But I hope that our moderator Samuraj can give you brief instruction how to generate linked thumbnails.

Hi Paul,  :-salut :-salut

With the Photbucket you have four possibilities. When you click on your picture you obtain what follows :

You choose the line (fourth) that I've marked with the red arrow (URL). You copy this line and paste it into your text. As follos and you obtain a Image thumb.

Photo Linking and Thumbnails?


JicĂ©hem  :-wave :-wave :-wave

Hi Paul,
In case of multiple photos you want to post and to get thumbnail look this is the procedure, after you have uploaded the photos.

Step one
Select the desired photos, and then click generate html and img code, as shown on photo 1

Photo Linking and Thumbnails?

Step two, select third option on the screen
IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended and then copy it to desired post

Photo Linking and Thumbnails?

If you have done everything right you should get this as result

Photo Linking and Thumbnails?
Photo Linking and Thumbnails?

Just in case I have uploaded the photos on LLL as well


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