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 :msn_laugh:Hi all. Just joined the group. Live near Baton Rouge, LA, U.S.A., Have worked for the local telephone company for 40 years and also have been married that long. I have had a life long interers in anything to do with aviation, particulary WWII aircraft.

Welcome Mark and enjoy here :)

PV Chairman:
Hello Mark,

Nice to have you along. What aircraft from WWII are you particularly interested in?

PV Chairman.

I find as I get older my interest in aircraft is toward the little known, aircraft of the late 30's and early war years., Aircraft like B-18, F3F, SOC, N-3PB, SNC, B534, and the Hampton will definately get my interest. Another bf109, Ho, Hum. Now something new on a Ju86 or He100, well I'll definately be reading that. BTW some great pics on the Northrop N-2PB on Hyperscale today.

So you are rare bird on forum who like me like Golden Age period in the aviation. I start modeling of Curtiss SBC-4 dive bomber.


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