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Sreicko was kind enough to invite me to join the forum.  He was not aware that I possess no modeling or artistic talents.  Please do not be angry with him.  He seems like a great guy.  I hope to make some worthwhile contributions and mainain my membership.

I am a retired salesman and school teacher.  My specialty was European History.


Welcome friend  :-ok :-wave No worry about your skill. Idea is to join good people and friends here. In the time your interest will become our interest and your presence here will give for sure new shape and dimension of this small community. So feel here like you are in home  :-clap

Cheers  :)

Hi Leo :) Welcome in the forum :-tri :-wave


--- Quote from: Leo on September 06, 2007, 11:24:17 PM --- I possess no modeling or artistic talents. 

--- End quote ---

Same as me Leo, but we all bring something to the site. Welcome  :-clap

Thanks, guys.  I do have some talents.  I can Yodel (not well) and play the Tuba in a German band.  My wife says that for the most part I am useless.


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