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I think about to introduce one new category on web site with this subject:

Defense & Security Technology
Aerospace Technology

If we start this will be in one month and updated monthly. What do you think?

Great idea, this is an area that is developing very quickly

Yes- and this will be mostly technologically and industrial based.

Here we are:


New category will be related to the new events from the aviation worlds ranging from industry to the air shows. Until now I have display airshow info in the Images category but from now it will be there. Also note that on the index page it have no its tab but it is present on the side bar which will be visible on all pages.

I hope that I will have full support from all of you in maintenance of this new section. Special thanks to Darko who make debut ;)

One problem is permanent on upgraded version of LetLetLet- very hard to customize use of personal images for the authors of articles. This script is based on use on gravatars and they have to be made on the official site. All of the authors have to register account there and upload image. Their image will be automatically loaded on every place where make post and this is based on their email address. More info on private messages as well I have to confirm to all of you what account is register.

Cheers :)


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