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Myself... here on this forum I am called G-1reaper, my username is derived from the twinboom Fokker G-1 aircraft, an aircraft I admire and love deeply  :-obey I am secretary of the Fokker G-1 foundation (stichting, in Dutch) which researches this plane.

In my scarse free time I have also written a book about another Fokker, the Fokker C.5 reconnaisance plane. It is not yet completely finished, and I hope to conclude a deal with a printer soon.

I am especially interested in prewar (Dutch) aviation, also like to listen to some oddball music (METAL!  :-evil), like to relax in Italy, and visit airshows once in a while. Oh, and my real name is Edwin

Welcome mate here and I hope that you will find here real good friends. This forum is a little bit specific, had to join at first place, but run well and really present friendly place. I did not know that you are G-1 association secretary  :-clap As I know no one is preserved today?

Heavy metal... well, we have to talk about. Is there any heavy metal band in your country?

Cheers  :-ok

Welcome Edwin, make yourself at home  :-flo

Welcome to the site, any help we can give please ask away  :)

Seems there's a lot of mutual interests - Fokkers (and planes in general), metal... :)
Welcome to the forum :-flo


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