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Hello friends,

from last night I have start with major redesign of the entirely Let let let web site and forum. First I have test new theme for forum. It is nice but to regret there is some error in script. In this way more upgrade will be made. Also soon will go into the new design of the web site. This will be active place with more friendly options for all of us.

All of you who have experience problems in last several hours I grant aplologize.

Cheers  :-wave

As you all could note some progress is made in last two day's. This is just start of the large overall redesign of whole web site. In future we will get whole one compact web site with uniform design and much more features and benefits to the members.

Thank you all for your attention and support ;)

Color of the post was set as white and forum now more look like the basic web site in appearance. If you have any sugestion, please let me know.

much better now :-ok

I would like to inform you about the new feature included with forum.

1. now I have include edit field in the message. When you edit message in some reason under the text field is small field where you should put info why is this message edited.

2. When start new topic it is very welcome to include tags for the topic. This help much in the search engine optimization. For example if you start topic about the Adolph Galland, it is good to include tags like Adolph, Galland, Bf109, Jagdgeschwader, Luftwaffe... and separate each with coma.

3. Automatic recognition of the video source and display it on forum. It is just enough to place link in your post and video is automatically embed here.

I would like to know how this forum is seen to the older members. We have several members older then 60 years and one over 70. No matter that design is very interesting, maybe too dark color is to strong for their eyes.


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