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Dear friends,

I have this idea for a long time on my mind and some test was already made. So I have idea to start our online magazine, in the pdf form, free for download. Idea is very simple- you all know that I work for three magazines and also engaged in free lancer projects. But no matter that I have permanent flow from my PC, it look like that many of the materials will be never published. My plans is not to bring this into grave so better publish it in any way.

Principally this would be aviation content but... as you know we have new very progressive board related to ground forces so this can be also used here. Content would be described as fusion of the pure modeling content with archive material and support articles. What we see in excising print magazines will be also here- model build, model review, model news, walkarounds, color profiles, technical drawings, archive images... What you would not see is the large number of commercial, so full content of the articles.

As you guess, this would be in printable A4 form, full color and no limit in number of pages. As well the word crisis hit hardly on the pocket of many, this free source would be nice add to all those who would not be able to be subscribed on regular magazine.

So, I would like to hear about your opinion and suggestion, as well we all will work on this.

Cheers  :-wave

Paul Bradley:
Great idea! I'd be happy to contribute some of the walkarounds I have taken over the years.

Excellent :-clap So we now have 'Paul Bradley Column'

Nico Braas:
What about a photo report 'Russians at Le Bourget 1965-2009' ??


--- Quote from: Nico Braas on December 22, 2010, 12:06:38 AM ---What about a photo report 'Russians at Le Bourget 1965-2009' ??

--- End quote ---

Off course :))


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