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Greetings all,

You have noted last months that we have made great improvements in the forum design and application scripts. Result is the better running place with friendlier feature then before. Most important is the upgrade of the whole forum script into the latest version.

Basic web site is next. In following weeks or months Let Let Let Warplanes will be down. I don’t know when but I am site that this will be happen. It will be reborn will full new features and options. But this will be not be only graphical and script changes. First at all this will be active web site with few authors and editors there. All of you who are work on article will get your portfolio page. Tag system will be completely new and this will give result in the better search the site. Also I prepare to include complete new feature on the gallery of images as well we will deployed here a thousand of images from museums and air shows.

What is really new is the general policy- no free support for any publications any more. Me and some of you here, on my advice, have been supported few magazines article and book project. In reward we did not get thank you and no sample of publications. Now everything will be offer for sale- images and profiles at average world price. No excuse for anyone! If somebody have thousand of dollars or Euros to pay printing of publication I am sure that he or she could pay few hundred for images and art. But I will continue to give free permission to use material from web site on other sites and support basic internet idea of spreading knowledge.

And something where I really need you- regarding to the detailed info from the web tracking we have a lot of visitors from France, Germany and Netherlands. After that coming Italy, Czech Republic and so on… Is it possible to get language support for the article? Is there any member who could give some time and translate articles from Category of Files and Models into the at first line French, German and Dutch language? This will be great burst for the site!

Let me hear what you think  :-think  :-ok

These are some great ideas, changes are good from time to time I personally like the new forum look and layout.
Gallery improvements should perhaps include some more photos visible for visitors and by my opinion could attract even more visitors. Photos should surely be protected with some signature of the author and LLL mark and not in full resolution.
Idea for multi-language is great and I hope it will work.
Well these are some of my observations and I hope you'll find them constructive...   
I am sure that LLL will look even better and it will surely become "the Hot Spot" for any aviation enthusiast if it isn't already.  :-tri

Thanks for the update and good luck with the changes.

Regarding translations, I personally don't think there's any need for translations to Dutch. Almost everyone in Holland speaks English at a pretty decent level (as hardy anybody else speaks Dutch) :)

Personally I would always read the original English version of an article, even if there was a Dutch translation (I am Dutch for those who don't know). Dutch isn't a great language for technical terminology I find (ship builders will disagree!), and nothing is worse than having all well-known English terminology literally translated! :))  So in all, in my opinion effort spent on translating to Dutch is better spent on other improvements.

Just my 2 Euro cents of course!  :)

Again No.1, thanks for keeping us informed

As samuraj77 states sounds like a good idea. I like the idea of a gallery area, I have seen some sites were they automatically add a water mark to each image uploaded.
I'm sorry that I cannot help with translating, its taken me nearly 50 years to understand English.  ;) and I'm still working on that.
Looking forward to the rebirth of LetLetLet  :-ok

Thank you friends- your comments are welcome.

Script for the galley will include watermark as well many other options. One of the option is to open images in the same window. So we need no language translations? All right. We will keep it in English only.

General outline of the LLL will be like this but many of changes still wait to be considered. Stay in touch and hope the rest will give their valuable input.


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