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Hello everyone! I have just joined this nice forum and look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing some of my work, as well as enjoying what all of you are doing. I live in the U.S. with my wife and we have three children....all teenagers :-wall Which can be challenging at times. I enjoying building all types of models, in all media. I prefer to try to stick 48th scale for aircraft, but if I find a subject that intrests me, scale becomes secondary. I especially like Soviet aircraft and U.S. Navy aircraft.......well just about any plane I guess :) I also enjoy trying out different techniques and materials on my builds as well.
Thank you for having me,

Welcome here Ernie. :-flo
I'm glad to see you here- as i as you love same type of planes - Russian's and US Navy aircrafts. Hardly wait to see your models here. ;)
Once again, welcome. Hope you will have nice time here-no doubt. :-flo :-tri

Welcome Ernie and hope you will enjoy here. I also built kit in various media but I am limited to two scales. As well you like Soviet aircrafts, I am sure that you will have company here :-ok

Welcome :) I can`t wait to see some of your models :)

Second Air Force:
Welcome, Ernie. You've enlarged the "LLL West" contingent from one to two!! I think you'll find this a very good place to be.


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