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Dear friends,

idea of group build is interesting but as you know we did not have this present much in our past. The same subject is thematic and in many cases focused on particular subject, the type of airplane. In this moment we run SBD Dauntless and A-24 group build with idea to start Il-2 in March. Maybe there would be good idea to put all our ideas here and make better organization for the group build year. So...

Il-2 is proposed for March by Second Air Force. What the next? Last year I have talk and prepared material with our member Samuraj77 and in this way we have one dual combo Fokker D.VII which will be shared and used as group build and also we have prepared material for group build F4U-1c Corsair. With our member Draken35 I have talk about the group build of Dewoitine D. 501. So for now we have options:

F4U Corsair
Fokker D.VII
Dewoitine 500-510 family

Any additional idea?

Cheers ;)

I would suggest Fiat CR.42 - especially with these relatively new Italeri tooling in both 1/72 and 1/48 it looks really nice :-ok
Other than that, I shall gladly join Corsair and D.VII builds, just have to dig deep in the cellar to find'em :-/

Hello friends.
I would like to join a group build :-tri ,but as you know,i build only jet planes(at least for now). If you want we could organize a group build an modern jet fighter,like the F-16,Mirage 2000,Rafale,EF Typhoon or some else for july or august. The reason that i can't join early is that i have obligation the entry to universiti and finishing my high school.
What is your opinion? :-think

From my side all I can say is that everything is welcome. List the types you have to build and if any of us have kit to join, this is base for the group build.

Here you are list of jet kits I have and can be used in Group Builds:

F-84G, Revell 1/48
P-59, Collect Aire, 1/48
F9F, Monogram, 1/48
Me262, Revell, 1/72
Vampire Mk.I, CMR, 1/72
SAAB Lansen, Heller, 1/72
MiG-21, Revell, 1/72


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