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Second Air Force:
Sall, I could do the F-16 from a kit in my collection.

From No.1's list I could do the Me 262, F-84G or F, and an ancient MiG-21.

I like the idea of the CR.42 that Profa suggested but I'd actually have to buy that kit in order to do the build. So far I've been trying to build my unfinished stuff before buying new ones, but a CR.42 is a favorite. The same for the Dewoitine 500 series--I'd be tempted to find one of those, also.

Hm...I would like to build F-16.It's very nice plane,but i don't want you buy kit becouse of me! :-flo

Second Air Force:
I've got an F-16 in storage, Sall! I also have an F-16-equipped Air National Guard unit right up the street from my work hangar in Tulsa, so reference material shouldn't be a problem for me. :-cool Y'all just say the word and I'll find a decal sheet.

For these listed by Srecko, I might join with F-84G and Me262, both in 1/72.
Sorry, no plan whatsoever for F-16 - too modern for my collection...

Maybe we can organize a group build of MiG-21? :-jump


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