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I know I have something for North Africa.....so that is not a problem.....clearing the bench before Nov. 1st.....well :)) I kind of like the idea of not having a set schedule and just discussing ahead of time a subject or theme. That way it might be easier to to pick something from our collections instead of having to search for and buy a kit. Sometimes we could keep it simple like say natural metal finish, or pick something broader like carribean militaries, or wheels and tracks, or transports (aircraft, ships, trucks and cargo vehicles both civil and military). I don't know, just some ideas from me, I am easy though and can go with pretty much anything that is decided.

Second Air Force:
I think I'll go ahead and open a new topic in November and we can all just add what we wish with no pressure or deadlines at all. Anything goes and I reckon we could make the GB correspond to all of the North Africa campaign from the earliest days. That would open up some more interesting options.


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