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I fully agree, this time can be used to complete projects from previous builds, to take a little rest and to do what they have on hart ;) After this three months we will see about continue of GB, we can do them but also focus on our projects, we can do anything we like, I think.

Sounds good for me, Scott. A break is a good idea and will permit me to finish some kits and to continue GB that I'm late in...

Sounds ok to me as well. Maybe I can auctuallly get started on a couple projects for the group builds already going! :-ok

Second Air Force:

For your consideration, should we go forward with the Operation Torch/North Africa GB for November? There are many armor, aircraft, and even ship subjects that could be constructed.

As has been my opinion in the past GBs, I suggest we could start this build on 1 November and leave it open-ended like we have with others.

Also, do we even need to formulate a GB schedule for next year? An idea would be to simply talk amongst ourselves every so often and decide on a subject we wish to build rather than having a set schedule like we did in the past. With our small band of builders we really don't need a schedule, I think. Opinions?

Let me know if we even want to start the Torch GB or not. :-flo


GB not going bright as well many of us have private problems so we are less active in builds. No doubt that idea is good and I would like to hear what airplane was engaged there from all sides. Maybe I have something in shelf which could be make for this.

Next year... all right, but to see how many of us can work.


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