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All right- are you ready for Bf110 and who will start work?

Second Air Force:
Thread started. :-salut I can't work on them yet as we are traveling. Once we get home later this week I can contribute, though.

No problem, I will start from my side and hope somebody else would join :))

Second Air Force:
Hi, everyone.

No.1 and I were visiting and have come to the conclusion that our Group Build schedule might benefit from a break for the next few months. We're all working on various projects, both in model-building and in other pursuits, and perhaps taking June, July, and August off would be a good idea. I certainly would like to see continued participation in the GBs that we've already undertaken if y'all wish to do so. We can easily restart in the fall and set our schedule accordingly.

Does this sound like a workable plan to everyone?



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