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No.1 is right - don't worry about my interests, as I don't worry about yours or others'...
I'll just join to GBs I'd like, you to the ones you're more in, and that's it ;), and each of us shall follow with interest others' work :-ok

Second Air Force:
Yes, I agree. We can use the group projects as a fun way to "compete" with each other in a fun, relaxing way with no pressure.

Sall, do as I did with the SBD build--pick a subject and offer it up as a Group Build thread. If we end up with ten modelers in the project or only one it will still be of interest to all, if only to watch. In theory we could have two or three groups going at once that appealed to a couple of us in each variety of aircraft being modeled.

Second Air Force:
We've all been busy lately, so I'll ask now--- Has anyone decided for certain on the subject for the next Group Build? I'm just curious what April holds in store. ;)

As I know this have to be Vought F4U Corsair...

Second Air Force:
I thought that might be the one but decided to check. A good choice, especially since draken35 has his shiny new F4U-7!

I have a question to pose to all who might be in this Group Build--do you mind if I restore an old model rather than a new project? I have a couple of Corsairs that were damaged during one of our moves and they've been rotting in a box for many years. My plan would be to completely disassemble and strip the paint from one of my old Otaki kits and renew it using new methods. Opinions are welcome!



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