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Second Air Force:
If we do the MiG-21 I will take the "ancient kit" place that Srecko did with the SBD. My '21 is a VERY old IMC model that has "battle damage" parts.

One problem... too much of MiG-21 here last time. Count on this that I will start in day or two to build my MiG-21 which is received for review. In general no problem to me at all as well I have one spare Revell kit but forum content would be better if we have more different subjects.

It is on you of course, I will follow from my side your interest.


Not be a MiG-21. I agree that there are to many on this forum.
Of course,there must be no F-16,as said Profa it is too modern for someone.
I'm personally not for jet models of WW II,such as Me 262.I would prefer to do some of the Cold War planes,such as F-4 or MiG-17 or MiG-19.
I don't know if it is to modern for Profa.
What is your opinion?I don't know how many of you have these models.
In any case,i vote for a modern jet aircraft,the 3th generation.

Why worry about Profa ;) He is not going to build jet planes as well you are not going to build WW1 kits :)) So each of you would find its place here

Well,3th generation plane? :-roll
Some F-4? :-think
Speaking of the F-4, Germany has offered to donate his F-4, our neighbors Croats.
It could be a nice project for the group build!


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