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In two day's will be over our first challenge- Sabre. This idea is really nice for me and I hope that we can continue in that tradition. What would be interesting in future is to make advantage in technique of art. This first challenge was total digital but hope in future we will have more acrylics, oils, pencils, crayons...As I have noted in the thread about the Sabre I have receive very interesting suggestion from our  member Nico Braas and he will provide base for the next challenge.

Nico Braas:
Two weeks ago I found some very interesting original ink drawings of planes used by the Dutch naval flight service MLD (Marineluchtvaartdienst). These ink drawings originate from the early-mid fifties (some of them, however, must date even from the late fourties!) and they were all intended for illustration material in the technical handbooks.
One of these drawings was a 3/4 left view of the Hawker SeaHawk Mk.50. The illustrator did an excellent job with this drawing and the SeaHawk seems to be captured very well.
Now the challenge for the next month: use this basic drawing for your colour (or B&W, I don't mind!) artwork. I leave it completely up to you contestants how you fill this in. You may make a Photoshop colour illustration filling in colours and markings, but you are free to use ANY background you like. You are also free to use any illustration technique you want. So the landing deck of an aircraft carrier is OK, but you may also remove the undercarriage for an in-flight illustration as well; I don't mind! You are also not limited to use the colours of the Dutch version. Again, I don't mind. Even an illustration in purely fictive U.S. Navy markings (or any other markings) would be welcome as long as it looks good!
No. 1 will provide you on request with the full-size file of the basic drawing I mentioned.

And....lots of success!!

 :-clap For me this is brilliant idea and I grant big thank to Nico Braas for thinking on us and giving that nice idea. I hope that all of the artist here could accept it as well this will be nice intro into the advanced art with airplane in flight, not only color profiles based on side view technical drawings. Here you are larger base image:


Off course I hope that Nico and maybe mfg could give expert support with additional archive images. In one day I would ask Santino to open new topic in similar manner to the first one.  :-razz

That will be great Nico and No1 even if I never before coloriyed aircraft in that position that will be reall challenge for me.

I can upload some digital books about this subject
when I'm read I put one little message in OFF ROAD section like the last time
cheers ;) :-wave


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