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I fully agreed with you, mate. It was in the present case a funny build, made between two more serious and detailed ones.
Such builds are needed. Really.

Aircraft Modeling / Blau Maus
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:05:52 AM »
Another of my recent builds was the Blaus Maus, a German Albatros D.III piloted by Frommherz.
Kit: Eduard 1/48th scale; rigging made with fishing thread.

It was a loooong fight to obtain such a result...


Here is my last finished build: a "what-if", the Focke-Wulf TL Flitzer from Revell.
Excellent kit, with minor problems only during the build phase.
I've chosen not to represent a German aircraft but a "total what-if": the plane was flown by the "Fuerza Aerea Palombiana": don't search on a map, Palombia doesn't exist... Only in a comic book (Spirou & Fantasio: the Dictator and the mushroom).
Decals are home made (well, "home" is just a way to say that: drawings made by a French friend; printing made by a Belgian mate on a laser printer)

Some photos:

...Placed on a piece of a Verlinden tarmac sheet

Hope you'll like my little Flitzer...

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