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Aircraft Modeling / Re: Spad VII (Roden 1/32)
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:55:30 AM »
I've decided to opt for a mix between the PE and the part of the kit:

That will be OK when in place.

But, really, not the best PE element from PART.

Some progress:

Use of 3D paint to repair the damaged rivets (when removed from sprue)...

... The element was attached at 4 points...

...Mr Surfacer 1000...

...And PE...

I don't like Mr Surfacer... It's a product I can live without. I have made some rectifications with liquid glue + plastic. I have also used that mix for two BIG holes in the propeller...

Sanding of the putty on the wings. Three little rectifications needed (I used my mix...)

Some elements of the cockpit are assembled

And, again, the use of "my" glue is needed!

Aircraft Modeling / Re: Spad VII (Roden 1/32)
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:53:38 AM »
I've finished the second part:

It just took me 1/2 hour...

I was a little bit disapointed by PART...

I found the PE radiator so fine... But it doesn't match with the kit part: a little bit longer, fitting not exactly

Simply imposible to put in the kit...

Even for little details...

Aircraft Modeling / Re: Spad VII (Roden 1/32)
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:52:22 AM »
I've forgotten a little trapdoor!

Same technique of course...

I've also begun the work on the louves of the part going under the motor. Not really easy. And the part is not yet correctly formed...

The build of the radiator will be fun too...

One hour was needed to prepare those tiny things...

Total: 130 (65 of each). Following the instructions from PART, only 49 of each seem to be needed. I will check my doc to verify if there are other possible places for use.

I've used Klir (equivalent of future) to glue the little parts.

Klir, water, toothpicks, and a 3/0 brush (not on the photo)

With the brush, I put a little drop of Klir on the place of the part

The part is placed with an humidified toothpick

A drop of klir again, to "secure" the work... Then, placement of the last element of the ensemble

And here is the final result:

Not an easy work to do. Nerviously it was hard... So, the second panel of the engine cover will be made next time.
I have finished with another drop of Klir on all the elements.

Aircraft Modeling / Re: Spad VII (Roden 1/32)
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:50:25 AM »
Now it's time to remove some plastic

...And to use Gator's Grip glue: the time needed for that glue to dry is an advantage for the perfect positioning of the little parts

The excess of glue is removed (before drying) with a brush and some water

I Like it!

Aircraft Modeling / Re: Spad VII (Roden 1/32)
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:49:37 AM »
Some holes...

The placement of the PE louves asked for some work too:

Carefully press on the louves...

...will give you a very nice result

Aircraft Modeling / Spad VII (Roden 1/32)
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:48:23 AM »
OK, now here is my actual "work-in-progress": the Spad VII from Roden.

I'm building that kit for a group build ("Avions de la Grande Guerre") on the French forum Maquette Garden.
maquettes de véhicules et figurines militaires et

I'm responsible of that Group Build.
Avions de la Grande Guerre
Like Maquette Garden is principally a forum for tanks, I'm trying to give to the participating members some anecdots, tips, etc on what concerns WWI aviation...

Well, enough said, here is my build:

I will also use the photoetch of PART

And my documentation source will of course be the following:

I will build the aircraft of Sous-lieutenant Ciselet:

photo via Belgian Aviation History Association

Some putty needed

the photoetch parts are excellent, but I will not use some of them: so, here, the PE elements are not large enough

The engine. All the elements are not placed because the engine cover will be closed.

I've just bought last months their Hawker Fury (re-boxed by Revell)...

Thank you Srecko, but really the kits made by SWEET are jewels, easy to build!
I'm actually busy with a friend on their P-51B Mustangs: two in a box as always, we're building one each. Absolutely no problem, fitting is a dream. The build is slow just because we meet only one time per month...

I have also in stock a splendid Me262 from Trumpeter; and some jets from Revell: Rafale Marine; F-104 Starfighter; TF-104 Starfighter and an Alpha-Jet. For this last one I'm preparing a cockpit upgrade set for Retrowings, but for professional reasons time is lacking actually and I can just hope to make that set for the beginning of 2010...

Ah, Matchbox... It was my prefereed kits when I was a young boy!
And even today there is always the possibility to build splendid models with Matchbox!

Aircraft Modeling / Re: Blau Maus
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:32:14 AM »
Yes... Time is also my quest of the Holy Graal...

Aircraft Modeling / Hawker Hurricane MK I (4 planes at 1/144th scale!)
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:27:46 AM »
Another aspect of my builds that I wish to show you: the teeny 1/144th planes!
I've bought two boxes of SWEET kits for the Hawker Hurricane MK I: first one with fabric wings, second one with metal wings.
Those little kits are real jewels.
the decal sheets give the possibility to build a lot of aircrafts. In the "fabric" box there was the possibility to build the Belgian "H-21" but unfortunately decals were not correct for what concern the color of the circle of the thistle (I have to redo that with a 10/0 paintbrush) and the size and type of the serial on the lower surfaces of the wings. I've chosen to replace the H-21 by the H-26 of Lieutenant Henrard. Lieutenant Henrard was the first Belgian pilot killed in action during WWII, more precisely during the phoney war when trying to intercept a Dornier.
For the second "fabric" I've chosen a Finnish.
The two other aircrafts (metal wings): a British one from the Battle of Britain, and a really special one: a second Belgian, but probably the only one with a tripale propeller!
That aircraft had a particular story: she was in fact a British one that landed in Belgium and was interned during the phoney war. With the agreement of His majesty the King of Britain, it was decided that the Belgians, having some Hurricanes, would buy that aircraft...
It's the reason why she was bearing for the undersurfaces the British camo...

Aircraft Modeling / Re: Blau Maus
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:13:31 AM »
Thank you, Srecko!

I fully agreed with you, mate. It was in the present case a funny build, made between two more serious and detailed ones.
Such builds are needed. Really.

Aircraft Modeling / Blau Maus
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:05:52 AM »
Another of my recent builds was the Blaus Maus, a German Albatros D.III piloted by Frommherz.
Kit: Eduard 1/48th scale; rigging made with fishing thread.

It was a loooong fight to obtain such a result...


Here is my last finished build: a "what-if", the Focke-Wulf TL Flitzer from Revell.
Excellent kit, with minor problems only during the build phase.
I've chosen not to represent a German aircraft but a "total what-if": the plane was flown by the "Fuerza Aerea Palombiana": don't search on a map, Palombia doesn't exist... Only in a comic book (Spirou & Fantasio: the Dictator and the mushroom).
Decals are home made (well, "home" is just a way to say that: drawings made by a French friend; printing made by a Belgian mate on a laser printer)

Some photos:

...Placed on a piece of a Verlinden tarmac sheet

Hope you'll like my little Flitzer...

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