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Miscellaneous Subjects / DA VINCI's TURTLE
« on: December 18, 2010, 09:33:57 PM »
This one is a special one!!!

The Genius had a lot of projects, amongst them a war machine manpowered with guns: really a proto-tank.
Dominique Jadoul from Retrotracks falled in love for that engine and decided to make a kit of that.
When I saw the box on his stand during an expo... I think it take me no more than 30 seconds to have bought that splendor.

The build was easy, there are a few pieces; but it was for me an excellent test to obtain a wood effect with oil paints on an acrylic base...

Ground Forces / Belgian T13, bycicles, and Chasseurs Ardennais
« on: December 18, 2010, 09:24:29 PM »
This little diorama represent an accident: A Belgian Chasseur Ardennais let his bycicle on the way... And a T13 came!!! So you see the scene: the bycicle is... well, out of service; the tankcrew and two Chasseurs Ardennais are examinating the situation, and the adjutant is "gently" explaining to the owner of the bycicle that he will "probably" have some punishment...

The diorama is at 1/72 scale; the T13 is from Solfig; the bycicles and the Chasseurs Ardennais from Retrotracks.
The tree is a toothpick with miliput, with "zeeschuim".
I'm proud to say that it was the object of an article for both PANORAMA (IPMS-Austria) and KIT (IPMS-Blegium)

Ground Forces / The WWI Belgian SAVA
« on: December 18, 2010, 08:47:29 PM »
The SAVA (Société Anversoise de Véhicules Automobiles) was an automitrailleuse build near Antwerp. It was a good little vehicle, used by th Belgians during all the WWI. Anecdotic to say that a vehicle crossed accidentally the Dutch frontier, was interned, used by the Dutch army but sent back to Belgium after the war...

The kit I'm presenting here is at 1/72 scale and from Retrotracks ( It's a teeny one, but a little jewel...
I've built that kit in 8 days only, during my holidays. There was some PE parts, for the wheels and the belt for the reserve wheels...

With that kit I won in 2009 the IPMS-Belgium Challenge...
Hope you like it!

Aircraft Modeling / Albatros D.III Oeffag Ba 253 (Roden 1/72)
« on: November 10, 2010, 06:19:54 PM »
Hi friends,

Here is a photo of my Alabtros D.III Oeffag from Roden. I built this kit in 2005 and won several prices with her - The most important being "Best of show" at Charleroi (Belgium), 2006.

Plywood fuselage made with Vallejo Wood + aequous pencil; SWORL and Polish checkers are from Blue Rider. I've also used the photoetc from PART.

Hope you like it...

Aircraft Modeling / Belgian Fokker E.V
« on: October 31, 2010, 05:47:27 PM »
Just after having finished my D.VII, I've built this one: th eprobably only one Fokker E.V that beared Belgian colors!

It seems that that aircraft was found at Evere after the Armistice, and taken as personal aircraft by Lieutenant Van Cotthem. He first flew with a lozenge fuselage but after 1920 was repainted khaki and received the number "17" during the meeting of Evere in 1921...

The kit is the Dragon at 1/48th scale; pilot is from PJ Production

Aircraft Modeling / Belgian Fokker D.VII (10ème Escadrille)
« on: October 31, 2010, 11:55:52 AM »
Hello friends,

Another of my builds: a post-WWI Fokker D.VII of the Belgian 10ème Escadrille, circa 1919-1920.

After the War, the Armistice conditions stipulated that Germany had to deliver 100+ Fokkers D.VII to Belgium. But many of them were in bad condition and only 35 were reconditioned to be operationnaly used. The Fokkers served in Escadrilles, and finished their career at the Belgian aviation school.

The model I've build has some particularities:
- The fuselage was remade, with Dope linen
- The photo shows that some elements of other aircraft were possibly used
- The windshield comes from a Nieuport 23
- Armament was removed

I used Techmod lozenges. It's the old kit Dragon at 1/48th scale: pilot comes from PJ Production.

That kit has won many prices in different contests in Belgium...

Aircraft Modeling / Future releases from a new producer: MustHave!
« on: October 24, 2010, 05:33:37 PM »
Greetings all,

Soon there will be a new producer on the marketplace: MustHave!
The man behind MustHave! is my French friend Philippe Jourdan (formerly Hi-Tech). He decided to start with a new production name because the new techniques that will be used differs totally from Hi-Tech. MustHave! will be at a level as good as Tamigawa!

The first kits produced will be in fact reboxing of some existing kits, but with ameliorations:

-The F-86K Sabre
This is the excellent Revell kit, but with a totally new fuselage for the "K" version.

It is to be noted that Philippe wish to include a Dutch deco in the box, but is lacking of informations. If a Dutch member of the forum can help with 3-view drawings (short wings aircraft, before retrocession to FIAT), any information will be welcome and you can contact me with a PM!

-The Curtiss H75A-7 Mohawk

There will be also a Dutch decoration in the box, but also an English one:

...And other projects will follow soon after...

Aircraft Modeling / Spad VII (Roden 1/32)
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:48:23 AM »
OK, now here is my actual "work-in-progress": the Spad VII from Roden.

I'm building that kit for a group build ("Avions de la Grande Guerre") on the French forum Maquette Garden.
maquettes de véhicules et figurines militaires et

I'm responsible of that Group Build.
Avions de la Grande Guerre
Like Maquette Garden is principally a forum for tanks, I'm trying to give to the participating members some anecdots, tips, etc on what concerns WWI aviation...

Well, enough said, here is my build:

I will also use the photoetch of PART

And my documentation source will of course be the following:

I will build the aircraft of Sous-lieutenant Ciselet:

photo via Belgian Aviation History Association

Some putty needed

the photoetch parts are excellent, but I will not use some of them: so, here, the PE elements are not large enough

The engine. All the elements are not placed because the engine cover will be closed.

Aircraft Modeling / Hawker Hurricane MK I (4 planes at 1/144th scale!)
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:27:46 AM »
Another aspect of my builds that I wish to show you: the teeny 1/144th planes!
I've bought two boxes of SWEET kits for the Hawker Hurricane MK I: first one with fabric wings, second one with metal wings.
Those little kits are real jewels.
the decal sheets give the possibility to build a lot of aircrafts. In the "fabric" box there was the possibility to build the Belgian "H-21" but unfortunately decals were not correct for what concern the color of the circle of the thistle (I have to redo that with a 10/0 paintbrush) and the size and type of the serial on the lower surfaces of the wings. I've chosen to replace the H-21 by the H-26 of Lieutenant Henrard. Lieutenant Henrard was the first Belgian pilot killed in action during WWII, more precisely during the phoney war when trying to intercept a Dornier.
For the second "fabric" I've chosen a Finnish.
The two other aircrafts (metal wings): a British one from the Battle of Britain, and a really special one: a second Belgian, but probably the only one with a tripale propeller!
That aircraft had a particular story: she was in fact a British one that landed in Belgium and was interned during the phoney war. With the agreement of His majesty the King of Britain, it was decided that the Belgians, having some Hurricanes, would buy that aircraft...
It's the reason why she was bearing for the undersurfaces the British camo...

Aircraft Modeling / Blau Maus
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:05:52 AM »
Another of my recent builds was the Blaus Maus, a German Albatros D.III piloted by Frommherz.
Kit: Eduard 1/48th scale; rigging made with fishing thread.

It was a loooong fight to obtain such a result...


Here is my last finished build: a "what-if", the Focke-Wulf TL Flitzer from Revell.
Excellent kit, with minor problems only during the build phase.
I've chosen not to represent a German aircraft but a "total what-if": the plane was flown by the "Fuerza Aerea Palombiana": don't search on a map, Palombia doesn't exist... Only in a comic book (Spirou & Fantasio: the Dictator and the mushroom).
Decals are home made (well, "home" is just a way to say that: drawings made by a French friend; printing made by a Belgian mate on a laser printer)

Some photos:

...Placed on a piece of a Verlinden tarmac sheet

Hope you'll like my little Flitzer...

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