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Type 73 Taxiplane


After the First World War, the Bristol Aeroplane company, in addition to military aircraft, developed more than 10 models for civil aviation. Among them was the Type 73 Taxiplane, which was positioned as an air taxi. Work on it began in 1922.

The Type 73 was an all-wood biplane with a canvas skin and a non-retractable landing gear. The pilot sat in the front open cockpit, and in the rear there were 2 passengers. The Type 73 was powered by a Bristol Lucifer engine. The maximum speed is 144 km/h.

During the tests, it became obvious that the engine power was not enough. As a result, only 3 samples of the Type 73 Taxiplane were delivered. But the project did not stop there. With minor changes to the fuselage — from a 3-seat converted to a 2-seat-Taxiplane became a trainer under the new designation Type 83 Primary Trainer. This option was more successful — 24 aircraft were produced.


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