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Steampunk : The Aviator (Dieselkits 1/35)

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OK, let's go with that new one! So, it's a kit printed in 3D; first time I'm working with such a kit...
Parts are really nice. The attachment plots used for printing are removed by the manufacturer but you have to finish the work, sanding the residues. That took me two afternoons because there were lot of sanding to do...

I noticed that sanding was not complete on the propeller... Trying to ameliorate the result, I broke a propeller blade! Trying to fix the broken blade, I broke another blade!!!
...OK, cool, be quiet, keep calm... I remembered that I have on my stash an overtree of Eduard Spitfire XVI. The propeller has the same size than the Dieselkit one; so I replaced the 3-blades propeller of the kit by a 4-blade one...

Then it was time to wash the parts; there were lot of sanding dust on them. I put the parts in a water basin with dish soap; rinced them and then put them on a towel and throwed the water away in the lavabo of the kitchen.
...But back to the workbench I realized I've forgot to remove the windshield out of the basin! Of course, the windshield was definitively gone...
I take a Q-tip plastic coverbox and made a new windshiel with that plastic...

After that, my first work was to dig the exhausts with a drill (1,2mm).

The instrument panel doesn't really exist in the kit; just a part without instruments engraved and no decals. So, back to the spare box; I had a Yahu Spitfire IX instrument panel at 1/72 scale; that fits quite perfectly on the kit part!

I will also use 1/48 WWII Luftwaffe seatbelts  :-green

Then I've glued some parts together.

The figurine is named "Lucy the Cowgirl" but having a cousin that is photomodel, I will better name her "Linda" because she posed for a photograph with a cowboy hat  :-love :-love :-love

Hope to continue very soon...

Just wonder who imagine kits like this one :-razz hope that broken propellers are last problems and you will enjoy entire build :-ok

I also hope that the broken propeller and lost windshield will be the only problems...  :-green
And yes indeed, imagination is needed for those creations.

Next step for me: a little bit of miliput

So precise work with Miliput!!

Easy: first you delimit the area with Tamiya masking tape. Then you put the miliput; not too much, just what is needed. Then with a toothpick and moisted q-tips, you finish the work and finally you remove the tape  ;)


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