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Rohr 2-175
« on: October 14, 2021, 11:28:21 AM »
Burt Raynes, president of the aerospace company Rohr Industries, decided to enter the light aviation market in 1974. The famous designer Walter E. Mooney was invited to develop the first aircraft. The project received the designation 71X, but was later renamed 2-175. October 14, 1974 - the first flight of the Rohr 2-175 light aircraft.

Mooney designed a low-wing aircraft with a triangular wing and a non-retractable landing gear. The aircraft was made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The Lycoming engine (150 hp) rotated the pusher screw in the annular fairing. The name 2-175 meant that the plane had 2 seats for the pilot and passenger and its speed was 175 mph (281.63 km/h)

Rohr 2-175 performed well during test flights. But Roper Industries started having financial problems and the project had to be curtailed. We managed to build only 2 flying prototypes and 1 aircraft for ground testing. They (as well as all project documentation) were disposed of.