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PL.7 Tanker
« on: September 21, 2021, 11:11:37 PM »
Kingsford Smith Air Service was founded in 1946 and was engaged in the sale and maintenance of light aircraft. In 1955, she decided on an independent project. Under the leadership of Luigi Pellarini, the PL.7 Tanker agricultural aircraft was developed.

PL.7 was a biplane with a double-girder tail and a non-retractable landing gear. In fact, it was a large steel tank for chemicals, to which the wings, cabin and engine of the Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah X (400 hp) were attached. Cruising speed-180 km / h. On September 21, 1956, the first flight of the agricultural aircraft Kingsford Smith PL. 7 Tanker, Australia.

During the tests, the aircraft showed good flight characteristics. But potential customers were not interested in it. The only PL.7 Tanker built was damaged in a fire in 1962 and was soon dismantled. The experience gained by Luigi Pellarini was later applied in the development of the Bennett PL. 11 Airtruck and the Transavia PL-12 Airtruck.