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Makhonine Mak-10

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In the early 1930s, designers began to study the variable configuration of the wing on takeoff and when flying at high speed. One of the directions was a telescopic wing, which allowed changing the area (span) depending on the flight mode. In France in 1929, engineer Ivan Makhonin (who emigrated from Russia in 1921) presented his project for an experimental aircraft of this scheme-the Makhonine Mak-10.

The outer wing consoles could be retracted / extended from the root consoles. Due to this, the area (from 19 to 33 m2) and the wingspan (from 13 to 21 m) changed. Before the Mak-10, such aircraft were not built. After receiving funding, the engineer completed his aircraft and the first flight took place on August 11, 1931. During subsequent tests, it was possible to reach a speed of 300 km / h. The Makhonine Mak-10, after a number of modifications and engine replacement, received the designation Mak-101, was destroyed during the Second World War.

What an interresting aircraft!!!  :-love

No idea is there any plastic kit?

No, I'm afraid...

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