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Hi everyone,  :-salut :-salut

This HO-sacle (1/87) locomotive belonged to my father who passed away some 20 years ago but I've been given this model only recently...

This locomotive is named 141 R or "Mikado" in the French railways nomenclature and is of American origin. 1340 "Mikado" locomotives have been ordered by France in two batches (No. 1 to 700 and 701 to 1340). They have been produced by the American Locomotive Company (Alco) at Schenectady (New York), Baldwin Locomotive Works at Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and Lima Locomotive Works at Lima (Ohio). These works were seconded by the Montreal Locomotive Works at Montréal (Québec) and the Canadian Locomotive Company at Kingston (Ontario). The first one was issue by Lima on 30 July 1945 and the last one in July 1947 by the Canadian Locomotive Company.
17 locomotives didn't arrive in France because they were lost at sea off Newfoundland in the Norvegian ship Belpamela.
Those locomotives served from July 1945 to 19 October 1975.

Jicehem  :-wave :-wave

I like this, very authentic look :-clap

Very nice, the "Mikes" were true workhorses of their class.

This is excellent!! :-clap I'm not expert for locomotives,but i know what i like... ;)

Second Air Force:
I'm very glad the locomotive is now in your hands, and thanks for sharing the story with us.



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