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Aero 45
« on: October 08, 2021, 12:45:32 PM »
The Aero 45S "Super Aero" light aircraft stands in front of transport containers, in which its brethren are already packed in disassembled form. Czechoslovakia, 1959. It can be seen that the screws and wing consoles were removed from the aircraft for transportation, and the cockpit glazing was also closed. The inscription "Aeroflot" and used CCCP-92906 clearly indicate to us the recipient of the cargo - the USSR. According to the flight number, it was possible to find out that the planes in the photo went to the Kazakh SSR.

"Super Aero" differed from its predecessor with more advanced navigation equipment. The definition of "air taxi" was ideally suited to the entire Aero 45 line. These planes could fly at different times of the day and in difficult weather conditions. "45" indicates a capacity of 4-5 passengers in a spacious cabin. In addition to friends under the Warsaw Pact, Aero 45 were also delivered to Western countries - Italy and Switzerland.