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Junkers Ju 49


In 1928, the German Aviation Research Institute began research in the field of high-altitude flights. Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke has received an order to develop an experimental high-altitude aircraft. The project received the designation Ju 49. October 2, 1931 ? the first flight of the experimental high-altitude aircraft Junkers Ju 49.

The Ju 49 was an all-metal low-wing with a non-retractable landing gear. A special pressurized cabin with heating and small portholes, designed for 2 crew members, was installed inside the fuselage. The Junkers L88a engine specially designed for this aircraft (800 hp) allowed it to reach speeds of up to 146 km/h.

During its first flights, the Ju 49 was able to climb to an altitude of 6000 meters, 2 years later - to an altitude of 6000 m, in 1935 - to 12450 m. The experience gained was later used in the development of high-altitude bombers and reconnaissance aircraft. The only Ju 49 built crashed in October 1937.


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