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Hirsch-MAéRC H. 100

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France, June 15, 1954- the first flight of the experimental aircraft Hirsch-MAéRC H. 100. The company Moyens aérodynamiques de regulation et de contrôle (MAéRC) of engineer René Hirsch, dealt with the problem of flight stabilization in turbulence zones. The results of laboratory research were implemented in the H. 100 project.

The aircraft was a two engine all wood midplane with an aerodynamically perfect shaped fuselage. It was equipped with a unique stabilization system — the horizontal tail, fixed on hinges, changed the angle under the influence of flow disturbances and actuated the valves of the pneumatic system. And they were already sending commands to the wingtips to change their position.

On test flights, H. 100 showed good results and satisfactory operation of the stabilization system. But aircraft manufacturers are not interested in it. The only built sample of the Hirsch-MAéRC H. 100 is now in the aviation Museum in Le Bourget.

Second Air Force:
An attractive machine, reminds me of the styling of the Bugatti Model 100 airplane.

Interesting that only military machine who have more or less refined shape was KI-46 Dinah

Second Air Force:
You're right, Dinah was truly of this same shape!

Waouw... Sexy!!!


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