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Gladiatrix training

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I falled in love with the production of "El Viejo Dragon" from Spain. Those figures are very well sculpted and... sexy!
As for "l'emmerdeuse" I will try to paint the figures with oil paints; but first a coat of acrylic is better. I airbrushed Tamiya XF-15 Flesh on all the figures and have begun to paint details with other acrylic paints (Vallejo, Citadel Colors...)

good !

I will continue painting in the next few days

Nubian girls had better boobs ;)

First try with oil paint: one of gladiatrixes will be a Nubian  :))
I've just painted with oil paints the flesh. Quite happy with the result.

I'm not working as figure painters do, but I don't care for that: my goal is to have fun (and to represent nice boobs of course!).

The jar is also oil painted...


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