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This one is a special one!!!

The Genius had a lot of projects, amongst them a war machine manpowered with guns: really a proto-tank.
Dominique Jadoul from Retrotracks falled in love for that engine and decided to make a kit of that.
When I saw the box on his stand during an expo... I think it take me no more than 30 seconds to have bought that splendor.

The build was easy, there are a few pieces; but it was for me an excellent test to obtain a wood effect with oil paints on an acrylic base...

Great idea with shields of family and what is the cannon type?

Honestly I don't know the cannon type. I used the kit parts without thinking if there are correct or not...
The shileds, it's an invention from me: my personal interpretation of, let say, "medieval cockades": aromrials on wood shield.
The armorial is the one of the Holy Roman Empire.
...Well, it's a kind of "medieval what-if"...

Beautiful  :-jump :-clap :-clap :-clap :-clap :-clap :-clap

Thank you!!!


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