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Fairey Long-range Monoplane
« on: November 14, 2021, 06:26:57 PM »
In 1927, the Royal Air Force of Great Britain unsuccessfully tried to set a new range record on a Hawker Horsley bomber. After that, the British Aviation Ministry published specification 33/27 with the requirements for the aircraft for long-distance flights. In response, Fairey Aviation launched the Long-range Monoplane project. November 14, 1928 - the first flight of the Fairey Long-range Monoplane for long-distance flights.

The designers have developed a two-seat high-wing with a non-retractable landing gear. Depending on the variant of the chassis wheel with or without fairings. It was equipped with a Napier Lion XIa engine (570 hp) Cruising speed - 180 km/h.

On the first built Long-range Monoplane with a used J9479, they tried to break the record in December 1929. Unfortunately, the plane crashed in the south of Tunisia and the entire crew was killed. On the second plane, with the used K1991, on February 6-8, 1933, a new world range record was set. His crew covered a distance of 8707 km in 57 hours and 25 minutes .