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Avro 706 Ashton


The first jet airliner was the Viking Nene, converted from the piston-engined Vickers VC. 1 Viking. It was a purely experimental aircraft. The designers of A.V. Roe & Company decided to go the same way. Based on the piston-powered Avro Tudor, they designed the Avro Tudor 9 jet airliner, later renamed the Avro 706 Ashton. September 1, 1950-the first flight of the experimental Avro 706 Ashton passenger aircraft.

Ashton was an all-metal low-wing aircraft with a retractable landing gear. 4 × Rolls-Royce Nene 6 engines with a thrust of 22 kN were installed in the underwing engine nacelles. The maximum speed is 707 km / h, the flight range is 2776 km.

6 Avro 706 Ashton aircraft of various modifications were built. They were never considered for mass production and were used exclusively for research-engines, radars, bomb sights, etc.

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