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Tempest Mk.II Eduard 82125

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Thanks :))

Small assembly before cockpit elements join together :-razz

Small is beautiful ;-)

Yes :-adore Once when cockpit is assembled, rest going faster. I am impressed with precision of the kit and with some patience, it can result in superb build. No specific tips in cockpit work, only thing maybe better to do, is not to put all etched control sticks in cockpit side consoles before join cockpit elements, as suggested in assembly instruction. Reason for that is possibility to knock em out during protruding parts into each other to fit pin and holes. Better to do that after, access is so good as well visibility.

Inside wings are mark holes to drill em for possible fuel tanks and missile racks. I choose to do variant with clear wing, I simply want to make it so clear, variant with armament will use for some build in future. Wings precise match to fuselage, this kit almost dont need filler, except to seal join lines, to be 100% sure in smooth surface.

Control surfaces stage :))


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