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SPAD 510 (FRROM 1/72)

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So, FRROM released what was the last French fighter biplane. The aircraft was in competition with the Dewoitine 500 to reequip the Armee de l'Air. Dewoitine won but an order was also placed for 60 SPAD 510, to maintain the activities of the Bleriot-SPAD factory.

The kit looks very nice! FRROM kits are made by Special Hobby and are now of very good quality.

I love the look of that biplane... :-love

Painting of the cockpit interior. Quite simple : aluminium overall... I've airbrushed Vallejo Metal Color 77.701 Aluminium.
I've just added seatbelts, made from Tamiya masking tape and paintbrushed in beige.
Then varnished with AK Gauzy Agent and Tamiya black panel liner applied.

Really lovely and rare machine :)) Wonderful choice!

Thank you my friend

Cockpit interior inserted into the fuselage; wings glued, putty sanded


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