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Some modeling techniques

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I created this topic because I am young,modellers beginner. There is much that I don't know,has yet to learn,so I wanted to consult on some techniques with you,an experienced modellers. :-flo
For now I have this question,and later they will be more... :-ok

In what way can highlight panels,that they would be "more visible" after painting.... :-think

It is late and dark now, I will make quick guide tomorrow at day light, better for photographing ;)

Muchas gracias amigo! :)) :)) :-flo

So here you are simply way to get panels highlighted. You need completely painted kit and if need with coat of protective varnish. Sample image show wing of the Bf108 Taifun. Next you need pencil, HB is generally good, for stronger shading B is better. Sand small amount of graphite on sanding paper. Take this powder with brush and make paint like strokes over the panel lines. You see result very quickly. To make lighter highlights you need white pencil and go over the specific area like the fabric lines.

Thanks a lot man. I will try this on Hornet.
Now,i must re-scribed panels. These days,i don't have much time,but next step is re-scribering.


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