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Some modeling techniques

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Good tips of airbrush maintenance


This is useful!! :-clap

You have seen my new arrival yesterday, Tessa protective tape. Today I have made ultimate rigid test I can do  :-danger

I have took one kit in build process and on bare shine plastic I have spray a coat of Vallejo paint. You know well problems with this paints and worst and most stupid thing you can do is to start paint over unprepared plastic. After paint was dry, I have mask surfaces and spray any other paint and as you see I did not even completely cover surface. And... I perfectly removed masking tape without any problems and damage!!!!

Tessa tape for sensitive surface is top recommended and you will not regret if you give it top priority in next acquisition  :-ok

 :-clap :-ok

Second Air Force:
A new tip on the clear gloss overcoat before decals:

I have been having some problems with decals silvering after application lately. My Testors Clear Lacquer didn't seem to give a smooth enough surface over the typical flat paint I use. After quite a lot of experimenting I have come up with a solution that has been used for years by many modelers. Now I simply wet-sand the entire model lightly with 6000 grit sandpaper, taking care not to rub the paint off of high spots and fairings etc. After wet-sanding I give the model a thorough cleaning and then apply "Pledge Floor Care Multi Surface" finish. This used to be called "Future" here in the U.S. The same product is available pretty much world-wide but may go by a different name. I "thin" the clear with a small amount of window cleaner to help it flow evenly.
Some modeling techniques
Some modeling techniques
The key to spraying this is to dust on a very light amount each time until a good gloss is achieved. Getting the application just right takes some practice and the material will run quite badly if sprayed too heavily. If you over-apply it you can often wipe the excess away with a damp towel. If any of y'all decide to try this, practice on something for a while before using it on a "good" model. I let the Future dry for a couple of days before applying decals so that setting solutions don't affect the clear. After decals are applied you can simply spray your favorite flat or gloss clear right over the top with no problems!


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