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Some modeling techniques

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One question.
First go paint,than one or two coats of varnish,and then this technique of highlited panels.
Do you go after the highlited of the panel one more coat of varnish or not?

I have did this one completed kit, no additional varnish over

You can also try something different.Take a simple black ink that is water based,mix one or two drops in a cup of watter + add 2 drops of liquid soap.You need to gloss the surface of the kit before this step.I ussually coat it with 4-5 gloss coats( I always use pronto/future)and than just drop a little in the panel lines.The in should flow very easily in the lines.After this dries out just wipe the exces with a toilet paper with a little moisture in it.

Is it a technique called wash If it,i have heard of it.
Thank you! :-flo

Personnally, I'm using a wash for the inter panels, with oil paints: a mix of black and brown diluted with turpentine or "f" benzine (for smokers... - I'm not smoker I must say). And for the lights, I use an extremely diluted white (airbrush applied), or a lighter color than the original that sometimes I apply with a paintbrush, like a drybrush...


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