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Serious work begins  :))
I have the best documentation possible for what concerns the Renard 31...

...The book is simply a must to have. Checking the drawings included and the description of the cockpit interior, I read that the seat of the observer doesn't have a backseat. So, I will replace the seat provided by Frrom by a new one made from scratch (with Evergreen) as you can see on the photos...

Why no backseat? Simply because uit was more easy without it for the observer to pivot between the radio and the machinegun...

fantastic !

Thank you ;)

Back on the Renard 31: I've glued the seatbelts of the pilot seat; and used some Mr Surfacer 500 into the fuselage. The observer seat is placed; but I'm actually awaiting infos from friends of the Brussels Air Museum for what concerns the seatbelts of that seat: same than the pilot? How are they fixed?
On the other hand, I received infos for the fuselage interior: it must be painted in grey color because the aluminium dope color of the origin was overpainted in grey to avoid that the eyes of the crews were blinded with the sun reflexion...
I'm also awaiting infos for what concerns the instrument panels: are they still alu, or also overpainted in grey?
Hope to have answers soon...  ;)


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